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Versaware Slow Cooker

This slow Cooker gives a new power cord that makes it easier to keep clean, it also features a slow Cooker that will stay on track with your cooking action. The vers aware slow Cooker renders a variety of other features that will make your cooking experience better.

Rival Versaware Crockpot Slow Cooker Base Model SC1500 WITH CROCK NO LID

Rival Versaware Crockpot Slow Cooker



Rival Versaware Slow Cooker

The rival crock pot is an 5-qt stainless steel design that is first-rate for either home or office use, this crock pot is uncomplicated to clean and comes with a slow cooker. It can handle large batches and can cook small meals quickly and easily, this just-in-time ) slow Cooker model extends a smart-on-demand cooking system that will start cooking your food even when you are away from the kitchen. That's right, it's that best-quality power you've always wanted, with this power knob, you can cook your food at up to a hour's worth of speed without having to stop the meal. and if that's not enough, the will also stop the oven or stove when you want it to, so, you can be sure that you're getting the best power in a slow Cooker - all without having to worry about speed of your food. This foot is for the rival vers aware slow Cooker model it is manufactured from durable plastic and renders a rubber base to ensure even cooking, the foot is conjointly removable for effortless cleaning. When not using this foot, please use the included base foot, the versatile crock pot version of the slow Cooker is back and improved previous revision with an insulation for the travel pot. This makes it easier to keep on the go and keep your food at a temperature you are happy with, the crock pot version provides an extra large oven size and is unequaled for large families or businesses.