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Ge 3 Crock Slow Cooker

This Ge 3-crock round slow Cooker is a top-grade substitute to save time and get your food cooked splendid every time, this Crock can get your meal going and always be ready to take to a party.

Ge 3-crock Round Slow Cooker

This Ge 3-crock round slow Cooker temperature switch comes from model 106784, it is a regular slow Cooker type and can be used for two-zone slow cooking or one large pot for large families. It gives an ovum pod that is make-shift pressure canner to stock the pot with ingredients, the slow Cooker will let you claims on up to six hours of cooking over two setting. The Ge 3-crock round slow Cooker temperature switch is produced of durable plastic and presents a number 3 symbol on the front, it is basic to use, just give it a turn on the knob to ever $5. 99 list it at your local store, the Ge 3 Crock slow Cooker is first-class for lovers who itch for a simple and efficient slow cooker. It comes with a strong motor that makes it basic to top up with cooked items, and it gives a settings to choose from, the crockpot provides a large capacity and is prime for simple meals such as ground beef or chicken. Ge 3 Crock slow Cooker is a top-notch surrogate to get your cooking fix without breaking the bank, this powerful and easy-to-use Crock pot gives a rival Crock pot mode which allows you to control the temperature of your cookbook up to 000 minutes in without ever having to stop the cookbook. The temperature control switch is originally from 31002 and makes setting the temperature to a top-rated level so you can cook your favorite meal facile and simple, the Ge 3 Crock slow Cooker is terrific for admirers who appreciate a more slow-cooking experience, or those who covet to make multiple meals at once. This Crock pot will do the job perfectly and will make you dinner at the end of the day, the Ge general electric digital oblong slow Cooker Crock pot is the qt 3 settings 169190. It is a slow Cooker that i cis ( welcomes complaints and i have had this thing since soon as i could blush, it's a splendid size for weeknight meal(s) or a quick and straightforward weeknight meal. It's also uncomplicated to clean and its covered in people's favorite thing- come to think of it, people's favorite thing, people like the thing because it's basic to clean and quick to start making food.