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Cuisinart 3.5 Quart Programmable Slow Cooker

This Cuisinart 3, 5 Quart Programmable slow Cooker brushed stainless steel - psc-350 is prime for shoppers who crave a fuss-free life. It extends a smart-looking interface and an automatical settings, the slow Cooker can be controlled with a controller or with your hand. The oven can be set to either a pre-set temperature or you can set your own temperature, the machine presents a capacity of 3. 5 Quart and can cook seafood, poultry, and fish.

Cuisinart Slow Cooker 35 Quart

The Cuisinart 3, 5 Quart Programmable brushed stainless steel - psc-350 is valuable for curing meal-to-meal eatability obstacle, like with ease of use and on-the-go cooking. With 8 hours of power life, this slow Cooker is long enough to fulfill needs for up to 4 people - the 3, with its wide floor-to-cement finish and deep-256 slow cooker. With this slow cooker, you can cook large batches and event planning fast, which is what you need when you need a slow Cooker that won't make your life very difficult, the Cuisinart Programmable slow Cooker is an unequaled surrogate to make food without sterile ingredients that can be used for many meals over and over again. It extends an 3, 5 qt. Size which makes it small enough to run on a small countertop like most slow cookers, the slow Cooker also gives a self-adjusting dial for position, so you can find a practical cooking temperature for your food. 5 qt, size which makes it small and lightweight enough to run on a small countertop like most slow cookers. The Cuisinart psc-350 3, 5-quart is a Programmable slow Cooker that can handle up to 7 days of cooking in it. It offers an open box type design, so you can be sure that it is durable and will last, the Cuisinart 3. 5 qt slow Cooker is compatible with both english and french cultures, it is good for both home and commercial cooking. Looking for a crockpot-ready slow Cooker that still delivers peerless cooking features? Don't look anywhere than the Cuisinart 3, 5 Quart slow cooker. This crockpot-ready slow Cooker gives a slow Cooker setting as well as high cooking temperature range so you can cook your food comfortably lower than 4 degrees, the crockpot ready slow Cooker also features automatic shut-off so you can cook it at any time, and es-ionicoatles water reservoir for easier water management.