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8 Quart Slow Cooker With Locking Lid

This viking stainless steel pressure Cooker With basic lock Lid 8 Quart is a sterling surrogate to make pressure cookers at home, it offers a sturdy build and Locking lid, making it effortless to clean. This Cooker also renders a large 8-quart cooking pot, making it efficient and versatile.

Locking Lid Slow Cooker

The viking stainless steel pressure Cooker is first-rate for large families or small kitchens, it renders a standard pressure Cooker setting and effortless to open to find what you're cooking. The pressure indicator is bright and consistent no matter the cooking temperature, the Cooker comes With a variety of accessories, including a time clock, which helps keep you organized and kept track of the cooking time. The 8 Quart viking stainless steel pressure Cooker is splendid for busy mommy families who desiderate to cook a quick and facile meal on the go, the locked Lid ensures that you can't over cook or you will get maximized flavors. The grates are straightforward to read on the go and make a sauce or even chicken or fish, the slow Cooker imparts been designed With uncomplicated wash and this digital pressure Cooker from extends a security lock to keep food from being taken out that makes it valuable for busy kitchens. The 8 Quart size is top-notch for busy cooks, and this digital pressure Cooker also gives 13 pre-set pressure points that will help you get the most delicious meals the first time around, this 8 Quart slow Cooker With Locking Lid is top-rated for cooking high-quality meals at home. It grants a digital pressure Cooker that can be set at either a pre-set temperature or you can set your own temperature, the cookers built-in auditorium format allows you to listen to your music while cooking, which always a bonus. Or, use the included headphones to listen to music while cooking on the go, this Cooker also includes a removable dishwasher-safe cover that makes it basic to clean.